MESSENGER 11:11 is a purple matrix universe broadcasting from the planet mercury, the visual component to a twin album. It documents the transformation and collapse of urban landscapes and western capitalism in the time of the pandemic and a real-time processing of the restricting traumatic changes in personal freedoms we have endured. The divisive question of our own natural humanity and human nature in increasing threats of technological surveillance dictatorships, transhumanism and internet of bodies futures. Is our DNA sacred, or owned by science/governments? Is digital utopia possible, or a trick to get us to submit to a fascist digital dystopia? Must we do away with the synthetic and again embrace the organic, or can we find a place for the synthetic and the organic?

A documentary, a musical, a diary, a live performance through digital media and a real-time documentation/processing of the current times we are living through, in collaboration, through electronic music, symbols and cyber mythology.

Mercury is cited as the planet of communication, identity (logos), symbols, language, the voice and the archetype of the alchemist.

The project features footage from collaborations of artists of 11 countries and provides multiple perspectives through artistic collaboration of human experiences in this divisive pandemic reality and confusing post-truth world. 


The project aims to present the hard questions regarding dystopian technological fascism during this time as well as offering hope and inspiration to find artistic collaboration and forms of expression during times of contraction and social pressure. Time will tell how the story ends. Like our current times this is a choose your own adventure experience and will be an organic expanding world of content. Keep checking back for new additions.


Until then, the messenger is broadcasting. This is my transmission.  So... take the purple pill?

11.11 My sword is my word and my word is love.

 20.12.2021  - 22.02.2022