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Based on a true story in this dimension and set in a parallel dimension.

I am messenger, the planet Mercury has possessed me and come to earth to investigate and feed information about humanity back to mercury through light language, voice & sound frequency (a trans mission) - document humanity in a time of crisis and heal the mercurial wounds of trauma and division. As the planet of non binary perception, they are suffering our current segregations and have chosen me, Kris Vango to deliver the purple message of 13

Messenger 11:11 is a cyber mythology, a mirror reflection of our current moment in a parallel timeline, a choose your own adventure processing of a time of mistrust in information and balancing of inner intuition and advice from external institution, reflected in my personification of adapting to a constantly changing pandemic landscape and an unknowing about politics, health and social, entertainment, climate futures. I try to interpret the symbols, the archetypes and the mythologies beneath the crisis noise and everyday hustle. Like Mercury, it is a mirror, a twin, an alternate universe. A parallel cyber mythology based on the true story of our current times.

Currently I, Mercury and the messenger am looking for the sword of love, and will take it to Delphi in Greece, the navel of the earth, to connect it to Earths motherly love of protection, care and nurturing and hopefully inspire us all to go beyond the binaries and find again unification in our shared nuance. Our humanity. Unconditional love.

Over the coming weeks the final clips and expressive material will unfold the story in real time. A parallel reality story echoing the sci-fi dystopia we are experiencing in this reality. A way to invite us to see "conspiracy" not as a violent enemy to safety, but with detachment, as merely other perspectives or "cyber-mythologies", that do not need to be believed, but used as a thought experiments to legislate against dystopian future outcomes. To inspire us to think of our own ways we could use these technologies instead of be dictated to by corrupt power structures. To be diligent and prepared for the risks associated with all new leaps forward into technology and to encourage us to imagine, vision and utilise our capacity to create as ways to manifest better societies that utilise technology to enable freedom and humanity, not convert it to mans rulership, and hierarchical slavery.


At this time is such risk. I do not want to impose any conclusion if we are already there, I do not know. I, like you reading this, are torn between many perspectives and opinions on a strange and disorientating time in our social history. All I can do is imagine. Express the varying ancient and modern cultural perspectives of cosmos and psyche that inspire me and explore the possibility of a symbiosis with not just micro-organisms but macro-organisms (planets/galaxies) in a spiralling evolution of consciousness that goes beyond our bodies and egos and personas into the vast cosmic design of which we barely understand and must blend both rational physics based quantum knowledge with our non physical vast irrational inner worlds of intuition, emotion, sensibility and the cosmic intelligence that has resulted in us even existing in the first place. And such to me, is the conversation of logos and mythos and what this project and story is about. Religion has trapped mythos in rigid structures. Rationalism has denied it. Where is the middle ground and how can we reanimate the language of mythos in a hyper-materialist technological world order? Maybe it isn't possible. But I believe we need new mythologies. This is my encouragement towards that imaginative realm.


Stay tuned for clips:

JE PENSE - Featuring Seleminga  (JAN 01 2022)

NERVE - Featuring OM VEGA (JAN 01 2022)

SYMBIOTICA - Featuring OM VEGA (JAN 11 2022)

S/WORD/S - Featuring sword made by Nasia Sydeta (JAN 11 2022)

BATTERIES - Featuring Mr Pigeons & Charlotte de Bekker (JAN 11 2022)


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