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MESSENGER 11:11  ☿️  is a cyber punk space opera of voices heralding forth a new world and new age. An age in which we coexist. We do not lead. We do not follow. We make space for all and not contract it for some. We decentralise our ideas, so that our creative energy can be shared and used to inspire instead of used to profit and to create icons for consumerism and pop culture mind control. We enable community economy in which we all invest in each other and collaborate to amplify our voices, our movements, our ideas and our visions for the future. A world beyond binaries. Without segregations. Without division. Without polarisations.


It is a vision of a future that is no longer a “utopia” but a possibility. All that stands in our way, is our mind…. Hermes. Who we have filled with patriarchal programs that limit us and confine us to belief systems of predatory order. Our mind that guards access to the divine feminine realms of infinite possibility, magic and immersion into the organic cosmic mysteries of life in the cosmos. To rise above the binaries of male/female, left/right, red/blue and access the colour purple. The crown (corona) chakra. To take a leap of faith into the unknown. To trust. To open our hearts. To act in love and not in fear of death, of each other and of all the horrible things that might happen. To master the mind and the experience and be the alchemist. To inspire this and not consumerism, codependency, greed and gluttony. A new world.

Mercury was recorded and arranged in Athens, Greece from 21/12/2020 - 18/3/2021. In lockdowns. Documenting moving through uncertainty, grief and an inner search for freedom of expression without an external environment to facilitate it. It documents the messages left and the synchronicities that led me to this moment in time. With deep codes and references all throughout the album of astrological transits, birth/death charts, alchemic symbols and frequency binaural spells. Mercury governs symbols, speech, language, logos, communication in the external and to accept others and the self, in the internal.

MESSENGER 11:11 is the next planet album from Kris Vango for Mercury.


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