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Oppression and suppression has long contained the magic of the feminine, the female and the cosmic magician. Growing cracks that expose the realities of our "system", made by the digital sharing of long obscured and buried occult information, has opened humanity en mass to understanding this mystic energy again, capable of bringing forth humanities true power. Kundalini. Snake charming energy. Cosmic and alchemical healing and medicine. Kept in secret by the ruling patriarchs, empires and priesthoods for generations.

Man wants to control chaos.


Ophiuchus has been obscured from modern astrology, a constellation representative of the number 13, the demonisation of witches and covens, snake charmers & spell casters, magic and mysticism written into fables and fictions. Man fears Ophiuchus. He cannot control her and he cannot tame her. As she is too powerful. There is one energy in our starry heavens and skies, that influences us on the axis of our zodiac, that was carefully and calculatedly removed from contemporary systems of astrology and the collective consciousness to guard it from our conscious awareness and to disrupt her signal. It is the ability to control chaos, not from the masculine perspective. Of rules, order, laws, systems and hierarchies. But within. Inner alchemy, medicine and magic. Self governance and self protection.

You probably call it "alternative medicine". But it was alchemy that birthed science. It was astrology that birthed astronomy. It was the curiosity of our imaginations that activated the physics pursuits of our natural world - science.  

Food and conscious controlling of energy is the root of all medicine. Food IS medicine.

The prefix 'alternative' should give it all away. Mans dogma. Materialism. The observable, quantifiable, factual, rational.... ownable... profitable. Anything else, is alternative. Pushed to the side and/or colonised into rigid systems of rulership, patency, governance and codependency. Big pharma. Big tech. Big government. These terms have come up from many voices during our pandemic, a large amount female, and for good reason. Ophiuchus energy is waking up within many of us, especially those who have worked with their spinal energies through yoga, dance, meditation and phychedelic experiences. The powerful men of our time, in their palaces, like wizards of oz, tirelessly trying to control the rise of chaos and the dominance of the feminine, cannot stop her. This, is what we are currently awakening to. This is what is unleashing a deep implosion of our external slavery systems. A global kundalini awakening of awareness to Ophiuchus consciousness and potential.

Steal it. Flip it. Sell it. Clone it. Buy it. 

The Ophiuchus archetype deeply knows and is guided. She is the inner-chemistry, inversion of the chemist. The alchemist. Connecting thought, emotion and chemical reaction to powers of physical manifestation and influence. She is wise, emotionally stable and can shape the world with the birthing energies she can channel through her biological chemistry, especially her womb. She is creation, birth but also destruction and rebirth. She chooses when is right to destroy and to create and procreate. A mirror of mother nature that man has demonised by the goat and baphomet to fear the cosmos and god itself. Her control of chaos emancipates all masculine attempts at building structures to resist it. Man always fails because the fundamental law of nature is impermanence, change, to become obsolete. To walk through the flames of endings into new beginnings. Reincarnations. Versions. Upgrades. For new forms of chaos to emerge and so-with-it new masculine structures that try and contain it. New world orders. But although it may work for some time, it never succeeds. Because such is the nature of life. Death and rebirth. Ophiuchus knows this, she represents this process and with that has access to bringing it to control within her consciousness. This is clairvoyant and psychic. Not observable. Not physical or material. A channel we can open to and tune into deep inside of us, our core and greatest 'void'. This is why man has continuously tried to contain her, she threatens full emancipation and the bringing of the natural order in which the female rules by nature and man must bring himself back into alignment with it. Or risk destroying nature and himself along with it. Because nature has the final say, man is never in control. As much as he thinks he is, the more he brings his death and enslavement to the physical illusion. The prison of materialism. Materialism in harmony with nature enables physical abundance - but out of harmony it destroys what it is trying to create.

She is the bridge and such is the amphibious link from water to earth. Of evolution and from the womb to the world. Of course, the ultimate control of her powerful energy is to deny the woman her womb. To grow humans in scientific labs. Designer babies. Science consuming alchemy as the Cacudeus in Hermes left hand, given to by the patriarchs who established the western divergent order of 12 - rules over her with his mind, the matrix.


When humanity interconnects, hidden information finds a voice.  Those voices coagulate and threaten the structure. So the structure must adapt and continue to contain, to suppress divine humanity.


In pop culture the archetype of Ophiuchus has been obscured to demonism and devilishness. Poison apples. Wicked witches. The grotesque. Fiendish bald women posing as beautiful goddesses that bring torture and torment to poor innocent people. Madness. Lunacy and institutionalisation. However. It is those that seek to lock us into systems of control through materialism and synthetics that animate the true devil archetype. To be completely trapped in the physical senses means to be cut off from god. From the divine. From her. Disconnected from the source, the heavens, joy, peace and liberty. In this way she is more god-like than witch. Deity than danger. It is this continual inversion of her energy written into culture by men and patriarchies that keep us from embracing and opening to her energy. Especially women, who must deny their feminine magic in order to fight for equality inside of a patriarchy. The problem in our current social orders is that her energy is dangerous. It is as equally as destructive as man's destruction. We lack guides. Healers. Alchemists. Gurus and Shamans who understand and have worked with her energy. But they exist. Of course, these types must live on the fringes of a masculine system, a global matrix of masculine order that has for thousands of years kept the teachings of the dark feminine arts contained in deep states and secret societies. Call it whatever you want. It is what it is and it is the product of generations of suppression of the divine feminine energies to enable control, to centralise. Keeping us from the truth. That the masculine does not conquer the feminine, the unknown, the chaos. The chaos in fact fuels man too and without it man would cease to exist. The perfect analogy of this relationship is man's ship, out of his element of Earth and sailing the seas of uncharted water. Water symbolising the feminine and the unknown. The octopus that envelops and destroys man's protection and order amongst the realms of chaos is Ophiuchus. Mother nature. It is not predation, it is circumstance, mystery and uncertainty that fears her. Change. The octopus one of the smartest, emotionally intelligent and adaptable creatures that live on our planet. If you've watched My Octopus Teacher, documenting a mans soul searching journey for connection led by living through the life and death cycle of an Octopus. Nothing could be a more apt mirror of what Ophiuchus offers in perception to go beyond the fears of death, uncertainty and endings to break away from matrixes of control and sensationalism into higher realms of conscious awareness and with it, creative powers.  Wedged in between scorpio and sagittarius, it is the phoenix rising. It is finding the gifts in the darkness and bringing them to light. What we all came here to do. but to find diamonds we must dig. To find oil to power us, we must drill. To find our gifts we must do the shadow work.


It is beginning to make sense why she was removed from the astrology wheel. A tidy 12, mans grid-like control over natures inconsistencies and uncertainties.


Unlucky 13.

To understand the energy of Ophiuchus, her archetype and how she presents in the natural order it is essential to explore how masculine and feminine polarities of energy work.

The masculine inversion is electric. The feminine inversion is magnetic. To send and receive. The masculine takes the energy alchemised in the feminine and directs it. He is the worker. This natural exchange of energy is best seen in bee colonies. Where the queen, magnetic in nature, is the core of the colony that works in harmony for her and her  natural order. They are not enslaved by her, but driven by her. Their existence is dependant on her, their direction enabled by her. Bees one of the most vital lifeforms in maintaining natures continued life and ecological harmony. From our perspective, we could argue that the male bees work harder than the queen and should therefore be fairly compensated by her. But that would be a factual and observable reality. The truth is that all of the energy the bees use to work, comes from her, comes through her and is possible because of her. In this way, she is the Ophiuchus archetype. In another way, we live in a world where some of the worker bees are in charge and they have locked the queen bee in a cage and perpetuated multi-generational culture in believing that she is insane, magic doesn't exist and we would all descend into madness and chaos if she was to be let free. 

We are not sustainable!

The result of mans control over mystical feminine energies is a social collective consciousness, or status-quo that has become misaligned to the cosmic reality and ecology. The 'reality' we exist in, is not reality, it is a matrix reality. One that has pushed nature off course and out of balance. You could also describe this as having an outdated software that needs an upgrade if the alignment metaphor doesn't work for you. It is reflected in all aspects of our lives, as the climate gives way to the masculine exploitation of mother nature. The arrogance and hubris of believing he can control and corporatise her and fix her. The inability for the extremes of masculine electricity and doing energy to be accountable for cause and effect, karma, bring them always back to her and her wrath. Beneath the news articles of climate change, ravaging pandemics and ecological collapses is a very clear and exposed culprit. Man's arrogance and disrespect for the feminine, the woman and her value in evolution and society.

The laws of nature are harmony and impermanence. Change. Evolution. Even religions and gods transform. Everything must always be decentralised, to allow for evolution. Centralisation blocks evolution, it tries to control it. 

She is shiva, all that is not, her energy close to the galactic centre - a black hole. Next to the constellation and sign of Sagittarius in our skies; the truth seeker and arrow pointing towards our galactic centre, represented by the bow and arrow and on the other side, Scorpio; the sign of finding light in the darkness and embracing the shadow. Ophiuchus is unafraid to walk into the flames of apocalypse, to lift the veil, to transform, transmute. She embraces the death inside life, the devil inside god... and reincarnation, infinity and impermanence as truth. Uniquely defined by each individual and their conversation with her, nature. Ecological and human. She beckons us inwards to her teachings through meditation, through spiritual seeking, through investigating the "I". As we twist around I we animate the Caduceus. The Dollar sign $. Our value. Pharmakos. Alchemy. Desire. Creation. She wants to purify, deprogram and empower us with death and life creative energies. She is action - inverted.

When we connect to Ophiuchus we connect to mother nature.

She guides us. Her purple hue, that of intuition, of royal consciousness, of the crown chakra, of faith, of guidance, of receptivity, of magnetism.

The false prophets of mans control systems driven by the unchecked desire to consume, compete and colonise becomes identifiable. The program is made virus-free. The obsession with materialism becomes an obsession with the immaterial, the infinite, the imaginable. When the imagination and infinite is embraced, conscious creation can take place. Greater powers are granted. When we can tame our desires, our inner snakes. The impulses of evolution inside of us equally able to create and destroy, we become the snake charmer

The panacea to masculine destruction and an awakening to our deepest natures. 

I think what we are living through now is evidence of the unstoppable awakening of the snake and our grappling with taming its destructive and creative forces, our world through the pandemic has been forced to slow down. Driven by the predatory desires of powerful men to control, lockdowns and limitations have given many the necessary space to go within. With their attempt to trap the snake, unleashing itself in every increasingly sought out mediation, yoga, ayahuasca, ceremonial community. They have actually created the perfect situation for her to show herself. We are definitely living through the crumbling of man's greatest achievement; the west. It will be difficult as we become aware of the layers of programming that have been fed to us for generations to enslave us. History written by the winners, mostly men and spirituality colonised by religions, of mostly men. So we must do the inner shadow work, tame our desires, walk through the flames of our fears, find our Ophiuchus gifts and emerge ready to bring her into the new world.







Fun Fact. 13 x 28 days makes an even 13 months in a year. Astrology is the study of time in relation to planetary clockwork.13 is the truth. 12 is the matrix.


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