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The cyberpunk is a rebellious figure. A digital vigilante. A reaction to anxiety and dystopia. An opposition. 

psyberpunk is a revelation. An adaptable gender/genre shapeshifter. A builder of utopia and a reaction to opportunity. An inspiration.

Queer + Cosmic = Qosmic

Queer and Punk are verbs. Not identities. An identity is exclusive, egoic. With a verb... we "be". We be queer. We be cyberpunk. We be psyberpunk. We be punk. We inhabit its archetype, its qualities, its necessity. We are all punk, punk is never dead, it is only ever dormant. We must activate it in times of opportunity. It may seem like we are in dystopian times, but we also have an opportunity to inspire and create.

Do not let the darkness in our world sink you, always create as a weapon in reaction to whatever it threatens or oppresses you with. Never take yourself too seriously and always find the pun in yourself. The punk/pun!. To be yourself. To be queer. To not take it seriously. To enjoy being human, to create, to explore, to dream, to transform. 

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